Heinz Bagel Bites Cheese and Pepperoni

I’ve been looking for some frozen food that is pretty good, fast, and delicious. I ran across Heinz products in the freezer aisle and headed right for Bagel Bites. I picked up a box in Cheese & Pepperoni! A normal box comes with 9 little bagel bites, which seems plenty for 2 adults for a quick & hot breakfast – or an after work snack.

It’s rather simple to prepare, as you have the option to put them in the microwave for a few minutes or in a oven (and even the toaster oven!). I had some time, so I put my bagel bites into the toaster oven for about 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, I took out the bagel bites and all the cheese was melted and the bagel was toasted! It was a wonderful little bite of goodness!

Nong Shim – Tako Chips Octopus Flavored

I really love snacks – as you can tell from this wonderful blog! Nong Shim is one of my favourite manufactures of snacks which is Korean! This time, I found a bag of Tako Chips which are octopus flavoured.

No, these snacks don’t actually taste like octopus, but they do have a very interesting taste to them! Instead of a cute octopus shaped chip, these are more “fish shaped” chips that is quite light and crunchy! I found this bag at the Asian grocery store in Toronto, as I haven’t seen it here in Calgary yet!

Overall, I like it as a snack/chip but not for the octopus flavor as there wasn’t much of it. The texture was great and the snack is very flavourful too! It’s not fishy in any way and it just a great munchable munchie!

Chinese Rice Crispies with Peanut

Chinese New Years often entails lots of deep fried goodies, and there are many sweets and snacks associated with Chinese New Years.

Rice Crispy with Peanut – 米通

is often a treat that is made at home and it’s nothing like Rice Crispy treats that are store bought or made with cereal.

These snacks only have a subtle sweetness to them, and much more peanut flavour. Once you open the box that’s the primary smell you’ll notice.

Once you bit down on these treats, you’ll definitely notice the super crispiness of the treat and then the peanut taste and texture fills your mouth. Then, as a back note, you definitely get the ginger taste! It’s a great combination of all the subtle flavours and the remarkable texture makes it such that you want to eat lots!

If you have the time, be sure you try to make these rice crispies at home! Here’s a walk-through on how I made mine Homemade Chinese Rice Crispies!