Nong Shim – Tako Chips Octopus Flavored

I really love snacks – as you can tell from this wonderful blog! Nong Shim is one of my favourite manufactures of snacks which is Korean! This time, I found a bag of Tako Chips which are octopus flavoured.

No, these snacks don’t actually taste like octopus, but they do have a very interesting taste to them! Instead of a cute octopus shaped chip, these are more “fish shaped” chips that is quite light and crunchy! I found this bag at the Asian grocery store in Toronto, as I haven’t seen it here in Calgary yet!

Overall, I like it as a snack/chip but not for the octopus flavor as there wasn’t much of it. The texture was great and the snack is very flavourful too! It’s not fishy in any way and it just a great munchable munchie!