Wendy’s Macleod Trail South – Calgary, Alberta

A random day before we were goign to meet up with some friends I figured I was hungry and it will be awhile before we eat again, so we decided to pre-eat dinner and grab a burger! While driving closer towards where we were going to meet up, we saw Wendy’s and decided to take a quick detour.

This Wendy’s is quite new looking as though they recently did some renovations – from the inside and outside. Wendy’s was having their annual Cod Fillet Sandwich promotion on again, so we took their North Pacific Cod Meal to share!

The meal was really good and the fish burger was fantastic! It was flaky, tender, and quite delicious! Not too much condiments which helps bring out the fish in the burger instead of masking it! The burger was topped with dill tartar sauce and crunchy dill pickles. The light panko batter was light and crispy. All on a warm buttered bun. It was amazing!

Overall, this was quite a wonderful stop! We really thought the parking lot was a little weird, but everything else here was quite amazing. I did find it a tad strange there was a slice of cheese on it – and I’m not sure if it was suppose to be there… but it was ok.

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7109 Macleod Trial South
Calgary, AB
(403) 253-5333

Tom’s House of Pizza – Calgary, AB

I’ve been wanting a decent pizza recently and I asked an old co-worker where to go and he suggested to me to try Tom’s House of Pizza located on Macleod Trail.

We started with an order of Hot Wings and the wings were tender and very flavourful. It does taste a lot like tabasco sauce drenched wings, but the wing was nicely cooked.

Then, we ordered our CJ’s Combo Pizza which consisted of Italian sausage, beef, onions, olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, salami with cheese and tomato sauce. The crust was thin and there was tons of toppings. It was a good pizza!

Overall, our experience was good! There wasn’t much service as you walk up to the front, put your order in and they bring you your pizza. But, what kind of service do you need at a pizza place!? The food was good but the location was limited in parking spaces.

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Tom’s House of Pizza

7730 Macleod Trl S
Calgary, AB
(403) 252-0111

Pops Pub South – Lethbridge, Alberta

We were in Lethbridge for the first time, just to watch the Air Show and we loved it. After the show, we weren’t too hungry but knew we had to eat dinner as it was a long journey home. We had a recommendation from an acquaintance to try Pops Pub and we just happened to be closest to the South location, so we made it for pizza! This location is conveniently located within some residential area with the hospital about a block away.

Once we got inside, we knew we had to try a pizza as it’s known for their pizzas. We tried their All Meat Pizza which wasn’t too greasy at all! The toppings for this pizza included ham, pepperoni, sausage and Mozzarella cheese! A perfect combo for any meat-lover!

It also happened to be their Perogy Night and with me loving perogies, I ordered a bunch! We actually ordered 2 different types, but they mixed it together – which was fine and an adventure trying to figure out which one we got! The 2 types of perogies offered are potato cheddar and bacon & Romano, and we topped our selection with sour cream and bacon bits. We also had a little bit of lemon pepper on the side which actually added tons of flavour to the perogies – provided you didn’t put tons of it on. Just a little sprinkle is plenty!

Overall, we loved this place! The food and service was great at a great price too! I’m sure we will be back next time we’re in the area – for whatever reason!

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Pops Pub South

1516 9th ave south
Lethbridge, AB
(403) 327-0068

Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue – Calgary, Alberta

We’ve been enjoying Brazilian BBQ and we’ve been hearing nothing but wonderful things about Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue so we thought we’d give it a try. It’s on the main level of a professional building just North of Chinook Centre on the East side of Macleod Trail. It can be tough to find and there’s really not too many parking spots that are reserved for “visitors”.

We knew we were going to do the Dinner Rodizio which is a Brazilian style serving style where the servers come around with giant skewers of food (the same type) and they’ll cut you off a piece if it’s something you’d like to eat! As well, there is an unlimited salad bar with some other side to accommodate with your dinner! It’s a fun experience! Once you sit down and figure out what you want, a basket of fried polenta came to our table with some sauces. It’s a great appy, but I usually save the room for the ready meat food!

I ordered myself a glass of Limonade which was delicious and refreshing limonade made with limes and it’s zest! It’s great for a hot day or any time!

The other drink we really wanted to try was their Tropical Juice – Cashew Juice and to be honest, it didn’t taste like cashews where in fact, it tasted like guava. It’s no big deal if they gave us the wrong thing, but we’re not sure!

The types of meat the dinner rodizio had was chicken hearts, lamb, parmigiano beef, top sirloin, rump steak, beef ribs, pork loin, sausage, chicken wings, and chicken wrapped with bacon!

At the end of the night, my favourite was probably the chicken hearts and the beef ribs! I had many servings of those! I had at least one of everything and I’ve got to say it was delicious! I wouldn’t mind bringing family and friends here if they were hungry!

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Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue

5920 Macleod Trail Southwest
Calgary, AB
(403) 454-9119

Momo Sushi – Calgary, AB

I’m not actually too sure how I ended up here at Momo Sushi, but I’m kind of glad we did! It’s a little place located in a strip mall, right across from Chinook Centre, but a little more North on the East side of Macleod Trail.

We weren’t too sure what we wanted, so we basically just started ordering a whack of things and they’re all quite tasty! We started with the Assorted Sashimi which had was a nice selection of sashimi, and quite large pieces as well! We

Then, we ordered Spicy Tuna Roll and Smoked Salmon Roll which they came out on the same plate! I’m sure you can tell which is which, but the spicy tuna is the one on the left. Sure, these rolls are quite typical, but they tasted great!

Lastly, we ordered a Rainbow Roll which we were a little confused about… as the sign they had said there was more to the rainbow roll than what came… but then again – we could be reading it wrong as it was an odd sheet with pictures on what’s in the rolls. Regardless it was a nice selection on the Rainbow Roll and we enjoyed it thourougly!

Overall, I think I wouldn’t mind going back! It sure sounds like they have a great lunch special and their food was good at a good price as well!

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Momo Sushi

6008 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-2602