Momo Sushi – Calgary, AB

I’m not actually too sure how I ended up here at Momo Sushi, but I’m kind of glad we did! It’s a little place located in a strip mall, right across from Chinook Centre, but a little more North on the East side of Macleod Trail.

We weren’t too sure what we wanted, so we basically just started ordering a whack of things and they’re all quite tasty! We started with the Assorted Sashimi which had was a nice selection of sashimi, and quite large pieces as well! We

Then, we ordered Spicy Tuna Roll and Smoked Salmon Roll which they came out on the same plate! I’m sure you can tell which is which, but the spicy tuna is the one on the left. Sure, these rolls are quite typical, but they tasted great!

Lastly, we ordered a Rainbow Roll which we were a little confused about… as the sign they had said there was more to the rainbow roll than what came… but then again – we could be reading it wrong as it was an odd sheet with pictures on what’s in the rolls. Regardless it was a nice selection on the Rainbow Roll and we enjoyed it thourougly!

Overall, I think I wouldn’t mind going back! It sure sounds like they have a great lunch special and their food was good at a good price as well!

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Momo Sushi

6008 Macleod Trail SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-2602