Spud Mobeel Food Truck – Calgary

We were hunting for a food truck that I haven’t tried before and saw that Spud Mobeel was going to be at Casel Marche, which we didn’t think too much about… until we got there. I must say, I hate this location for a food truck – which I then realize lots of food trucks go there occasionally… oh well, I’ll stick to the Deerfoot Meadows locations. Anyway, enough with me rambling on about location – which ultimately doesn’t matter, as they are mobile! We weren’t hungry at all when we came by this truck, but still wanted to experience it so, I just ordered a small snack anyway.

I ended up ordering their Spiral Dog with Cheese which was excellent! It was a hot dog wrapped in a potato cut into a nice spiral that was placed around the dog… and then deep fried to a perfect crisp! And, since I got the one with cheese, a perfect cheese sauce was drizzled on top making a great snack!

As for the prices, I think it was a little high for what it was, but it isn’t completely out of this world. The spiral dog was $6, and then to add the cheese, it was an extra $1! It wasn’t the best, but it isn’t something you get all the time, so it justifies for itself! Nice thing about this food truck, all their menu items are gluten free – if it’s a concern for you!

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Aglio E Olio Food Truck – Calgary

As you can all tell now, I really like food trucks, and when they’re at Deerfoot Meadows on Saturdays, I’m most likely going to visit them. This one particular Saturday, Aglio E Olio was there, and it was my first time seeing them! They offer pasta from a truck, and the portion sizes are huge for only $10! It is a little more costly than other food trucks, but the amount of pasta you get, it’s incredible!

From this truck, we didn’t know how big the portions were until after we received our order. We actually got a pasta each, which was fine – we just had a smaller dinner! 🙂 I love Gnocchi when they’re done right, as they transform potatoes into pillows of light and softness! So, I ordered their Gnocchi Bolognese which was of course gnocchi with a spicy pomodoro meat sauce!! It was a wonderful and filling lunch, and I was satisfied to no end! On top of the great gnocchi, it had a huge piece of garlic toast, and I have been in love with garlic toast since I was really young!

The other plate of pasta that we ordered was their Penne Arrabiata, which was a plate of penne – which we love!! It is topped with with sausage and pomodoro sauce which in a way is similiar to the gnocchi, but the use of sausages instead of the ground meat changes everything!

This was a great truck to visit! I really enjoyed the Gnocchi with the Meat sauce – so if you’re looking for some starch, and some delicious topping, nothing really beats their Gnocchi Bolognese! I hope it’s there next time I run into this food truck!

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Perogy Boyz Food Truck

I really like perogies, and when I heard about the Perogy Boyz which is a food truck in Calgary – I knew I had to go and try it right away! It was great, the line wasn’t too long, and the cooking time did take awhile, but the guys on the truck made it bearable by talking to the hungry guests waiting for their food!

We weren’t hungry – we were there for the experience and we loved it! We ordered Duck Perogy which sounds awesome on it’s own! What with duck isn’t good? Well, ground duck, Saskatoon berries, and chive ponzu was excellent in the perogies! Ah yummy! Just the thought of it brings back memories!

While we were there, we wanted a drink and was really glad to see The Grizzly Paw drinks. The Grizzly Paw is brewery in Canmore, Alberta that brews their own beers and many other things including making soda. It’s really a great restaurant to go to and it is a family restaurant as well! They have excellent burgers there and I really enjoyed the food and service there. But, because they’re local, I love it! We took a bottle of their Orange Soda and it really is quite different from other brand name soda pops.

Sure, this maybe an expensive food truck – where it kind of defeats the purpose of a food truck (fast, cheap, easy) but it’s something special for sure though – handmade perogies?! I can’t make them that good! Plus, with all the labour costs and fresh ingredients, it’s okay to indulge in them sometimes! I think it’s worth while since it’s a million times better than frozen ones. It just doesn’t compare!

Los Compadres Calgary Food Truck

I love the food trucks in Calgary, they are unique and they taste pretty good too! Our Mexican Cuisine food truck would be the glorious Los Compadres, and I must say – I get really excited when they or ALL the food trucks come to Deerfoot Meadows because that is the place I’m most likely going to catch them if I want them!

I tried their Bisteck (3 Top Sirloin Tacos), and I loved it! It was a corn tortilla folded around a beef filling, and in this case it was top sirloin tacos. These tacos was topped of with cilantro and onions with salsa on the side. I’ve never tasted a tortilla fresher than these, and the texture was soft and chewy! It was delicious – best of all, the tortilla was strong enough where it didn’t break, but it wasn’t all you tasted. It was a great balance between the ingredients – plenty of meat, fresh ingredients. Fresh tacos from Los Compradres is something I would highly recommend, and it sure beats a lot of fast food locations in food courts!

I’ve also had the opportunity to try their Churro (Regular) on another date during BaconFest in Calgary! It was a fun event, and a lot of the food trucks was at the BaconFest this year! I’ve got to say, I was a little disappointed but I think it’s because of the demand they had to keep up with – since lot of of people who attended this event was holding at least a churro or two — so I think they pre-fried it. It was kind of hard and cold, and it just wasn’t hot, soft, tender and delicious! I think the next time I see Los Compadres, I will have to give it another shot as it was something I really wanted, and wanted it to be the best!

This is an amazing food truck, with great fun owners/server, and fresh, delicious food – it has become one of my top ranking food trucks in Calgary! I think it’s definitely worth a shot especially after lot of improving over the summer months – I’m sure you’ll think it’s extra special as well!

Mighty Skillet Food Truck – Calgary

One of our newest members to the Food Truck in Calgary would be The Mighty Skillet which recently started hitting the streets in November 2011.

I ordered the Eggs Benny which is their take on the Eggs Benedict. It still was delicious and just by looking at it, you knew it was suppose to be an eggs benedict. This platter of food came with 2 perfectly poached eggs, on top of a slice of ham, and that all sat on top of a bed of hash browns. Along side was a slice of toast. The hashbrowns was different from any other hash brown, as they were not crispy and it was made of what seemed to be a lot of onion shavings with a lot of herbs and spices!

We also ordered the Corn Beef Hash which again used a different type of hashbrown! This time, it wasn’t as “spiced” up, but still very flavourful! This dish was their spin on the regular corned beef hash as well! It was shredded potatoes with pieces of corned beef (deli?) mixed into it! It also had a fantastic egg on top!

Everything from this truck was very flavourful and well worth the wait! We went during a wind storm, and it was actually a lot of fun braving the elements and enjoying some good and hot food! Well worth the visit! These guys know how to prepare really good breakfast food and they’re awesome at making eggs in my opinion! Great work!