Spud Mobeel Food Truck – Calgary

We were hunting for a food truck that I haven’t tried before and saw that Spud Mobeel was going to be at Casel Marche, which we didn’t think too much about… until we got there. I must say, I hate this location for a food truck – which I then realize lots of food trucks go there occasionally… oh well, I’ll stick to the Deerfoot Meadows locations. Anyway, enough with me rambling on about location – which ultimately doesn’t matter, as they are mobile! We weren’t hungry at all when we came by this truck, but still wanted to experience it so, I just ordered a small snack anyway.

I ended up ordering their Spiral Dog with Cheese which was excellent! It was a hot dog wrapped in a potato cut into a nice spiral that was placed around the dog… and then deep fried to a perfect crisp! And, since I got the one with cheese, a perfect cheese sauce was drizzled on top making a great snack!

As for the prices, I think it was a little high for what it was, but it isn’t completely out of this world. The spiral dog was $6, and then to add the cheese, it was an extra $1! It wasn’t the best, but it isn’t something you get all the time, so it justifies for itself! Nice thing about this food truck, all their menu items are gluten free – if it’s a concern for you!

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