Shogun Teppanyaki Food Truck – Calgary

A wonderful food truck would be Shogun Teppanyaki which I tried during Lilac Festival! I was really happy to see so many food trucks gathering for a street event. It was a chilly day and I wanted something savoury and hot – so I choose to eat at Shogun this time!

I ordered the Beef Teriyaki with udon noodles, and it was really good. It was similar to some fast food Japanese concessions, but I found that the sauce wasn’t as thick and salty – which makes Shogun a better option! The food was prepared perfectly, and it was a great order! I added some hot sauce to my noodles, and it definitely kicked it up a notch and I loved it even more!

Overall, this is a great food truck, especially on cold days! I can see me lining up for this in the winter. The only downfall, I can’t really see into the truck to see the “teppanyaki”… when I think about teppanyaki, I think about a show on a flat bed grill (even though I know it’s a cooking method).

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Shogun Teppan-Yaki – Birmingham, England

Sushi from Shogun Teppan-Yaki has been a place where my sister has talked about for years as a place to take us! We finally went, and it was wonderful! Located in Birmingham in a huge mall called The Mailbox, it’s a wonderful Japanese restaurant with lots of options, from a sit down menu featuring noodles, sushi & sashimi, set meals, and much more, there is always something on the menu to satisfy any craving.

There is a sit down area with a rotating conveyer belt with sushi – and you just pick out what you want to eat, and is charged a flat rate. If you’re looking for entertainment, this is also the place to go as they offer teppanyaki for their customers.

We sat down and ate all the sushi we could with the flat fee. The sushi was really fresh and delicious – and we sat right by the window as the sushi first comes out of the kitchen. We tried a lot of dishes, from your standard sushi like salmon sushi, which was really fresh and tasty.

We had some tempura and this was crispy and not greasy. It was really nicely fried and the batter is excellent.

My favourite that I tried was the shrimp and mango sushi which is a sushi I haven’t tried since now. It’s sweet and savoury and I really enjoy this combo.

Shogun is an excellent place to visit if you’re in the area and craving for sushi – plus hungry! I would recommend Shogun whether you’re in for some entertainment, or just to fill up your belly. Even though I didn’t enjoy the teppanyaki myself, I did have a glimpse of a family enjoying it for lunch – and it sure looks like fun! 🙂

Shogun Teppan-Yaki

Shogun Sushi/Noodle Bar Ltd
27-29 Wharfside Street
The Mail Box
B1 1RD