Shogun Teppanyaki Food Truck – Calgary

A wonderful food truck would be Shogun Teppanyaki which I tried during Lilac Festival! I was really happy to see so many food trucks gathering for a street event. It was a chilly day and I wanted something savoury and hot – so I choose to eat at Shogun this time!

I ordered the Beef Teriyaki with udon noodles, and it was really good. It was similar to some fast food Japanese concessions, but I found that the sauce wasn’t as thick and salty – which makes Shogun a better option! The food was prepared perfectly, and it was a great order! I added some hot sauce to my noodles, and it definitely kicked it up a notch and I loved it even more!

Overall, this is a great food truck, especially on cold days! I can see me lining up for this in the winter. The only downfall, I can’t really see into the truck to see the “teppanyaki”… when I think about teppanyaki, I think about a show on a flat bed grill (even though I know it’s a cooking method).

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