Ocean Brand Fish – Tuna SnacKit

I love fish, and I love tuna fish – even if it’s got to be out of a can. Ocean’s Brand tuna fish is a great product, and when they made it into a SnacKit, it was a brilliant idea for me to purchase lots!

These portable kits are complete with a small can of tuna fish mixed in low-fat mayonnaise, a little package of 6 crackers, napkins and a small spoon makes this treat great anytime!

I actually find there’s not enough crackers for the amount of tuna they give, but it’s no big deal at all! It just means my crackers get to be LOADED with delicious tuna fish.

The taste of the tuna is quite “fresh”, as fresh as can be out of a can. The flavours are quite delicious, and it’s got the right about of mayonnaise, with the perfect amount of seasoning!

Be sure to browse their website for more flavours and snack ideas – Ocean Brand

Haru Sushi & Grill – Calgary, Alberta

Recently opened in McKenzie Towne is Haru Sushi & Grill and after I realized it was opened, I knew I had to try it sooner than later! So, soon it was!

The decoration was really modern, the chairs were big and comfortable, it was well light, and overall great ambiance! It is very clean, and no harsh edges anywhere, everything just flowed, which was a really nice design concept they had!

We ate lots at Haru Sushi – just to get a good sample. We’ll have to go back for other things such as teriyaki, or udon or things like that! I love soup noodles such as udon, so I’ll be there to at least try it out some other time!

We ordered gyoza’s to start with, and when they came, the skin was really thin and the meat filling was really well seasoned. These delicate gyozas was cooked/pan-fried to perfection! If I was to make it myself with skin so thin I’m sure I wont have much of the skin left as it would have been stuck to the bottom of my pan!

Afterwards, we had our Haru Platter which consisted of 4 salmon sushi, 4 tuna sushi, 4 shrimp (ebi) sushi, dynamite roll, and spicy crunchy tuna roll.

It also came with an assorted tempura which was a nice surprise! I didn’t read the menu, so I was shocked when we got tempura! The salmon, tuna and shrimp was really quite nice quality, and large portions as well! Both the salmon and tuna was a thick piece and quite large as it draped over a ball of rice really nicely!

To top it all off, just in case we weren’t full, we also had a order of Spicy Prawn Roll which was a huge plate of their special rolls. It was really good, and quite spicy from the Sriracha sauce. It was really nice and crispy and just a good choice for a special roll! It’s got prawn tempura and yam tempura wrapped with steamed prawn, avocado and tobico! It’s also got this crispy layer in it, which I think is backed wonton wrappers or something of that nature! It added a lovely crunch to the sushi roll.

This is a great place, and I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for some good sushi in the South. It feels like there are still a few wrinkles they need to iron out as it’s still very new, but I’m sure it’ll become a great place! The service was pretty good, considering they were packed – even before 7pm, keeping in mind there weren’t THAT many tables inside. They were still able to accommodate everyone in a timely manner which was really good! At least the seafood was fresh, which is extremely important in a sushi restaurant!

HARU Sushi & Grill

150, 35 McKenzie Towne Ave. SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-5881

Sushi House – Banff, AB

We went out to Banff for an afternoon, and it was so much fun! We started the day trip with eating lunch at the Sushi House, as it’s always fun to pick which plate of sushi you want off the moving train that goes around a bar counter.

We have been here before for dinner, and I personally think the options are greater in the evening (and a little fresher as well). We sampled a lot of dishes, and we left with a really full tummy.

One of my favorite sushi would be the Hokkigai, or the surf clam. It wasn’t on the train, but I was able to ask the sushi chef to make me some, and he did without hesitation.

There were also some deep fried options, and those were good as well. As for the gyoza’s, maybe they were sitting on the train a little too long… or it just wasn’t good. Regardless, it was still pretty good, and the price was reasonable also.

The plates that you take off the train are colour coded, and that denotes the price of the plate of your sushi – which is a very convenient system they have!

Sushi House

304 Caribou Street
Banff, AB T1L
(403) 762-4353