Aspen Village – Waterton Park, Alberta

Waterton Park has always been a place I wanted to go and explore and we finally did! We loved it here and we stayed overnight at the Aspen Village, but in their hotel, not cabins. It was really a neat place as you’re mixed in with the wild animals.

It was an older hotel for sure as they used keys for the room and it was just an old style room. It was clean and that’s what was most important to me. We were quite tired as we started our drive here after work, so we didn’t even get into town until 9pm but we were just too excited so everything was great! Our room had 2 double beds and your basic room amenities.

The room wasn’t anything special, but it was fine for where we were as it really fit the scene. There was a TV, desk, seating area and a chair!

The bathroom seemed the most run down, but like I said, it works and it’s clean – so never any complaints there!

Overall a great experience, waking up to elks outside our door – it was quite an adventure! We’ll be back to Waterton Parks for sure!

Aspen Village

P.O. Box 100
111 Windflower Avenue
Waterton Park, Alberta