Mom’s Place Family Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

Not sure how we eneded up at Mom’s Place, but it was a neat experience here. It really felt like the staff knew all their customers and have taken them into their hearts.

I decided I was going to have their Hangover Breakfast and I didn’t even have a hangover. It was a lot of food, a giant omelette and potatoes with toast. The portion sizes here were massive! The food was simple and delicious.

We also ordered some Pork Chop and Eggs which is exactly as you think it is! It’s some pork chop cooked on the flat top with some eggs! It’s plain and simple, but you can’t go wrong with the basic stuff!

Overall, a great place to be. The place actually fills up and parking is a bit limited. Food was great, portions sizes was large, service was decent, prices were fair!

Mom’s Place

5016 17 Ave SE,
Calgary, AB