ABC Restaurant

I went to the ABC Restaurant that’s in Chinatown the other day, and realized that the sign outside has completely changed. Which made me realize they’ve changed concept and/or owner. We still went in for a breakfast as there isn’t too many places that are opened so early on a weekend in Calgary.

The breakfast concept is repetitively unchanged, and so I ordered a breakfast combo B with Satay Beef with Rice Vermicelli which comes with a hot drink for $5.25! I love how inexpensive Chinese breakfasts are!

The other breakfast that we ordered was the House Special Combo< which was for $6.75, and the 2 options ordered was the scrambled eggs and Rib Eye Steak. It also came with a hot drink and buttered toast.

The milk tea was fantastic, I like the small old school type of cup! The actual milk tea was quite silky and quite strong of a flavour. It was really good – not the best I’ve ever had, but it’s quite good!

Overall, it’s a nice place to return to. I do miss the original cafe/bakery a lot, but change isn’t a bad thing either! Here’s the post to the old restaurant, which was called ABC Bakery & Cafe

ABC Restaurant

112 3 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G0B7
(403) 266-2888