The Wandering Elk – Canmore, Alberta

During our stay in Canmore at the Windtower Hotel and Suites we ate at the restaurant inside the hotel called The Wandering Elk. It was a large space, with some tables on the patio which you would pass going into the hotel. It’s a nice space that offers meals many times a day!

We started off with some wings as we felt like it and went for their Maple Bacon Wings and the portions are huge. The wings are plump and juicy – and they taste great! Maple and Bacon is such a nice combination, I’m shocked it isn’t more popular.

I ordered their Elk Dip which is like a beef dip but with elk striploin on a toasted ciabatta bun with caramelized onions and cheese. The elk jus is delicious as I found myself dipping my fries into it as well! It’s quite a different meal and I did find it to be on the lean/dry side – which made me adore the elk jus! Overall, it was a great plate, with a generous amount of elk and fries!

My husband enjoyed their BBQ Whiskey Full Rack of Ribs and that was really nicely done. There was tons of ribs and the first half was really good, smothered in delicious bbq sauce, but the other rack was significantly drier. I am not sure if it was just us taking so long, or if it is just that inconsistent as it was on the same order. Regardless, the first half was awesome and the second half was alright.

Overall dining experience was pretty awesome. The atmosphere was phenomial, the service was quick and friendly. Portion size are ginormous and quality was average. Not a bad place to wind down and relax with drinks and apps!

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The Wandering Elk – Windtower Lodge & Suites

160 Kananaskis Way
Canmore, Alberta

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