Heritage Bakery & Deli – Calgary, Alberta

I really love Ukrainian and Polish food and when I heard about Heritage Bakery & Delicatessen, I knew immediately it was a place I needed to go to! This summer, we spent a few days up North, north of Edmonton to attend Babas and Borsch and other fun Ukrainian events and even visit Glendon, where the largest perogy sits! So, needless to say, when we got back from that type of cuisine, I missed it and had to seek it out – so we came to Heritage Bakery!

This place is like a store and a sit down place combined! I love the idea and I’m glad it works in Calgary! It’s not a huge place, but I want to say it’s big enough! Of course, it would be more fun if it carried even more items for me to gain ideas for, when I cook at home!

But, after we browsed around, we ordered 2 combos an sat down. We ordered their Combo #1 which included Cabbage Roll, 4 Perogies, Hunter’s Stew and Sausage! I really liked this combo as it was like a variety plate where you can sample a lot of items!

The other combo that we ordered was definitely one of my favourites! It was Combo #4 which was Small borscht and perogies! It was great and just what I needed! The perogies and borscht was quite delicious!

I can’t say “we” liked this place, because I don’t care! I LOVED this place and I already think about going back to eat their meat crepes or potato pancakes and their schnitzels! Hopefully that second visit will come around sooner than later!

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Heritage Bakery & Deli

1912 – 37th Street SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 686-6835