H & K Restaurant & Alleycat Lounge – Brooks, Alberta

We ventured to Brooks to look at the Brooks Aqueduct this one afternoon where we found ourselves a little hungry. At an odd hour, and just driving down what looks like their downtown, we found H & K Restaurant where we popped in for a snack.

I’ve been looking for some really awesome Dry Ribs as we use to have a family friend who owned a restaurant in a small town and I loved their dry ribs – so we gave the ones here a shot. They called it Dry Garlic Ribs, but it’s basically more or less what I was looking for. The portion was huge and the price was reasonable! It came pretty close to what I’m looking for, but I guess childhood memory food is hard to find – unless I go to the source and get them to make it for me. These ribs had tons of flavour and lots of meat on the bones. It’s fried really nicely and seasoned well too!

Then, we got a bowl of Wor Wonton to share as it’s something I use to get in our family restaurant when I didn’t feel like eating anything else. Here, the bowl and portion was huge and the wontons were quite good!

Overall, it was a great experience here. The owner was really nice to us and very sociable and hospitable. It was a fun experience and really reminded me of our old family restaurant.

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H & K Restaurant & Alleycat Lounge

123 2 St W
Brooks, AB
(403) 362-8836