Lake Louise Station Restaurant – Lake Louise, Alberta

It’s Thanksgiving 2014, and this year instead of making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, we ventured to Lake Louise on our way home from BC and stopped at Lake Louise Station Restaurant which is a hidden gem, tucked away and seasonal! We were quite lucky to get a table as we didn’t even make any reservations!

Inside was really rustic, like an old wood cabin train station with a wood burning fireplace in their main dining room. We were seated in an inside room, which was pretty much how it would look like if there was a conductor there. We did see a train go by and that was the highlight to the ambiance experience! One we got seated, I knew I wanted to warm up with a spicy Virgin Caesar and it was delicious!

Once we ordered our meals, a plate of bread and bugger came out. The bread was really fresh, with a subtle sweetness to it. It tasted great with butter and as dull/boring as it looks, it was excellent!

With our 3 course dinner, we had a choice between soup and salad. We both opted for soup as it was cold outside. The soup of the day was their Cream of Asparagus and it was very delightful! It wasn’t so creamy that it’s thick, but it had a nice texture to it with great taste of asparagus. It was cooked nicely as well, as the colour didn’t resemble overcooked asparagus!

For the entree, we both decided to have their Turkey dinner which was huge as it came with slices of turkey meat with gravy, seasonal vegetables, stuffing, and some potatoes. With it was some cranberry sauce and coleslaw. It was delicious and I ate everything up!

Our dessert was where we picked different desserts! I had their Strawberry puffed pastry which was really nice strawberries with whipped cream inside a puff pastry triangle, topped with cinnamon/nutmeg. It was a really nice dessert, although not light, it tasted light!

The other dessert was their Pumpkin Pie which was little individual sized pumpkin pies. The filling was really good, and the crust could be better – but it was still an awesome pumpkin pie. I personally think it would have been nice if they heated up the pumpkin pie a little, but I know they were busy!

Overall, a fabulous dining experience in a piece of history! The atmosphere – you couldn’t beat it, and the service was really helpful, friendly and quick. The food was tasty and was perfect for our Thanksgiving dinner!

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Lake Louise Station Restaurant

200 Sentinel Rd
Lake Louise, AB
(403) 522-2600