Skoki’s Waffle and Frozen Yogurt – Banff, AB

We were wandering around Banff, when we stumbled upon a new frozen yogurt place which was neat as we’ve been seeing a lot more of these places pop up. This particular one is called Skoki’s and it’s located right on Banff Ave, which is an optimal location!

Once you walk in, you walk along the left wall to the back where you pick up a cup or line up for a waffle bowl. The waffle bowls look pretty thin, but I wasn’t hungry so I opt’ed for just a normal bowl. As you walk along the wall, you come to the wall with all the frozen yogurts. Fill it up with as much or as little of your favourite flavours!

When you’re done picking your selection – you can go to the topping bar and load your cup with toppings! Then, you get your bowl weighted and paid.

Finally, you get to enjoy your custom created treat! The yogurt was really good and the topping selection was quite large. It definitely was a great little treat!

Skoki's Waffle and Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

Skoki’s Waffle and Frozen Yogurt

109 Banff Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 985-2220