Skoki’s Waffle and Frozen Yogurt – Banff, AB

We were wandering around Banff, when we stumbled upon a new frozen yogurt place which was neat as we’ve been seeing a lot more of these places pop up. This particular one is called Skoki’s and it’s located right on Banff Ave, which is an optimal location!

Once you walk in, you walk along the left wall to the back where you pick up a cup or line up for a waffle bowl. The waffle bowls look pretty thin, but I wasn’t hungry so I opt’ed for just a normal bowl. As you walk along the wall, you come to the wall with all the frozen yogurts. Fill it up with as much or as little of your favourite flavours!

When you’re done picking your selection – you can go to the topping bar and load your cup with toppings! Then, you get your bowl weighted and paid.

Finally, you get to enjoy your custom created treat! The yogurt was really good and the topping selection was quite large. It definitely was a great little treat!

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Skoki’s Waffle and Frozen Yogurt

109 Banff Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 985-2220

Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar – Market Mall, Calgary AB

I have been on a Frozen yogurt craze once I learned about them. I was in the north this one evening, and decided to take a walk through Market Mall in Northwest Calgary and found myself in front of Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar which is located near the Bay entrance to the mall.

I walked in without question, right to the back where you grab a bowl and fill it up with frozen yogurt. They had a nice selection of flavours, which is great!

After I selected my flavours, I went straight to the topping bar where I topped my froyo with all sorts of goodies. One thing that really stuck in my mind that was kind of neat was their Green Tea Mochi, which was a big green blob that was green tea flavour! They had lots of bursting bubbles or bobas which is pretty neat to me, and I’ve only experienced this through frozen yogurt – so be sure to grab some!

After my visit to the topping bar, we weight the cups and pay per ounce that we selected. Then, of course we sit down and enjoy the creations!

I quite like the topping selection here and the frozen yogurt isn’t full of ice crystals. It’s really smooth and tastes like the flavours it claims it’s suppose to! It’s a great treat and it’s always welcome as you can pick as much or as little of whatever!

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Qoola Frozen Yogurt Bar

3625 Shaganappi Trail Northwest
Calgary, AB
(403) 288-5466

Yogurty’s Froyo – South Calgary

Frozen Yogurt seems seems to be very popular right now, and it’s creeping up everywhere around the city! Recently, Yogurtys Froyo has opened in the southeast end of Calgary – which is the first in the West! This is a chain primarily from Ontario, so it’s an honour to have them here! This location is located just off of High Street close to the Fitness gym, and it’s probably there for a reason!

We walked inside this storefront and was greeted by lots of super friendly staff! You begin by going to the back and picking a size of cup you would like, and filling it with your favourite frozen yogurt! When you got that, you’ll go around the corner to where there is a ton of topping selection. It ranges from candies, to mochies, nuts and syrups! Then, when you’re done, just turn around, get your goodies weighed and enjoy!

My simple creation during this visit consisted of Strawberry, Chocolate and Espresso. I then topped it with some boba with exploding juices in them, fun chips, mochi and some milk chocolate crunch. The frozen yogurt here was smooth and creamy and wasn’t filled with ice crystals. The flavours tasted like what they are suppose to, so it’s a lot of fun here!

We also got a cup for my husband, and his was filled with Green tea and French Vanilla, topped with boba, mochi and chopped peanuts! We love that there are nut toppings to enhance the flavour and texture – but can see potential problems because of the peanuts. I’m glad it’s not a peanut-free location though!

Overall, I know I will be back! I’ve already joined their Loyality program and I have a bad feeling that I will become a VIP before I know it!

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26 McKenzie Towne Gate Southeast
Calgary, AB
(403) 123-4567

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt – South Trail Crossing

I truly love all sweet foods, and I have a special spot for cold sweet foods/snacks… so, this is something I crave all the time – which is kind of a bad thing! But, I’ve learned to just enjoy in small amounts, but lots of days! This Tutti Frutti location is the South Trail location just off 130th Ave SE and I think it’s a brilliant location with tons of young families, this will be the perfect place for everyone!

This Tutti Frutti location is rather spacious and bright – and it’s really quite nice. You start at the back of the store and begin by taking a cup, then filling it with your favourite frozen youghurt. From there, you can go to the toppings bar and then pay. You’ll find yourself near the door so you can easily take it to go or turn around and find a table to enjoy your newly created treat!

I took my treat to the nearest table I could find so I could dig in. On this visit, I opted for the Death by Chocolate Froyo and the Chai Tea flavours, topped with their mochi’s, cheesecake chunks and bobas!

My other half enjoyed a few flavours of his own too! He was in the fruit mood, so he picked Grape froyo and Mango Pineapple Sorbet, so both his flavours seemed lighter! He topped it similarly with mine with just the mochi and the bobas.

Overall, this is obviously a good place to be! On a cool night with rain in the forecast, the crowds just keep rolling in and out – constantly! You know on a bright sunny day, it will be packed! Since this is so addictive, I’m sure even during the heart of winter, you’ll find me and other froyo fans there!

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Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

4307 130th Ave Unit 23 SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 460-2481

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt – 17th Avenue Calgary

So, this is an interesting post. It’s not my first invite to Grand Openings and whatnot. However, I must say – this is the first time I’ve attended any invite from my activity in the blogosphere. How could I resist such an invite to Tutti Fruitti?? I’m sure glad I attended as it was what I really wanted – delicious, creamy, indulgent. light and refreshing frozen yogurt! This store front location is perfect as it’s near tons of people, both residential and commercial so this really is an ideal location.

Once in the store, you basically greet the amazing team, and walk straight to the back where the frozen yogurt dispensers are! You first start by picking up a cute cup – large or small, which really depends on how much frozen yogurt and toppings you want to put on. I totally recommend just grabbing the big cup since you never know when you’re going to dispense too much frozen yogurt – or decide on too many toppings. These cups are weighed at the end when you’re ready to enjoy – and at $0.55 an ounce, it makes it a great treat, big or small!

Once you’ve filled up your cup with the frozen yogurt, take a walk back to the front of the store where an huge array of toppings are presented for you to choose from. These toppings range from brownies, to tapioca pearls that have a little burst of flavour, to regular candies and snacks you love to enjoy anywhere! You can really be here forever – and this is where a BIG cup comes handy! Don’t walk too fast like me, I didn’t see the Ghiradelli caramel and chocolate syrups till I was done my yogurt.

I ended up enjoying a delicious cup of yogurt with coconut and pineapple twist (middle lever is a mix of the 2 flavours) as I love that combination – like a Pina Colada! It always transports me to somewhere warm and special – so I love that combination. The frozen yogurt here is really creamy, smooth and light. The texture is great as there isn’t ice crystals throughout! My toppings was simple, I choose some mochi and lychee boba. I love the boba’s Tutti Frutti has to offer from here!

This is really the place to be at – hot or cold outside, it’s the perfect light and delicious treat where you can decide anything! I’ve learned from the past place with so many options… taking everything you like in one doesn’t taste the best when it melts together. My advice now: Have lots of separate cups! 🙂 This place will be a heaven for kids and just a fantastic place just to hang out and catch up with friends and family. This location offers a great comfortable downstairs as well, making it one of the largest Tutti Frutti store fronts out there!

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Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

858 16th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2S0B7
(403) 460-8846