Caffe Rosso – Calgary, Alberta

We love taking pictures from Scotsman Hill which isn’t really too far from here at all! It’s actually within walking distance as long as the weather isn’t awful! After a morning of taking some pictures of the skyline of Calgary, we decided we would drive to Caffe Rosso to warm up and to experience this remote coffee shop!

From Caffe Rosso, I ordered my favourite, just a Chai Tea Latte and it was perfectly sweetened, perfectly spiced. It was hot and perfect for a cold day!

We also ordered a Latte and to my excitement (as always), there was latte art! I just love places that take the time and do the foam art! It really adds and enhances my coffee experience. The coffee here is strong, dark and rich but it was still a great latte!

Now that we’re aware of this cool place, I’m sure we’ll stop in when we’re in the area taking pictures again! I like it here even though at first glimpse, I was kind of creeped out by the location.

Caffe Rosso

803 24 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 971-1800