Jing Jing Bakery

I love bakeries and I like them from any nationality or location. This one particular afternoon, I really wanted to pick up a bun and take to me on my zoo adventure that I was going on later that day. I went downstairs and it was around 1:30PM and there wasn’t anyone else in the bakery, but it still smells like fresh products was still coming out of the oven. Sure, the place does look creepy, but I think the product I got from here was well worth the creepiness!


We ordered just 2 items as it was meant to be a tiny snack for the zoo break. I ordered an egg tart (which I failed to take a picture of) and a pineapple bun! Sure, the bun doesn’t look good, as my homemade pineapple bun looked better… but both of these items was still warm when I purchased them… so, we actually ate it right away instead of saving it for the zoo. Just as I was eating away at the pineapple bun, the cookie topping was do light, crispy and perfect. I was just about to start thinking the pineapple bun was a little plain as well, but I continued eating it… and inside was a sweet delight… it actually had pineapples in it! This totally made my day, and I’m proud to sa this is one of my favourite pineapple buns now!

Jing Jing Bakery - Pineapple Bun

Overall, I have no problem returning to try more items. It’s a small bakery, but the products are just as good as good as big bakeries! Who needs a pineapple bun with just butter now?! I’m not sure how I will ever go back to a regular pineapple bun!

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Jing Jing Bakery

100 – 3rd Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 265-9588