Choklat – Calgary, Alberta

During a stroll down 9th Ave in Inglewood, we ran across this store called Choklat which I was really excited about. I love nothing more than chocolate! 🙂

We stepped inside the store, and the entire store smelled like chocolate, and that gave me a good sugar rush as is and made me more excited. We bought a few treats to try it out and purchased a chocolate cupcake, a chocolate caramel cookie and some chocolate milk

The chocolate from Choklat is quite different, it is smooth, but not velvety smooth – but regardless, it was chocolate! I quite enjoyed the cookie, but I love cookies!! It’s actually more like eating a candy bar than a cookie, which was really confusing for me!

The chocolate cupcake was really neat! It was made into a square cupcake instead of a round one! 🙂 I like that little twist! The batter was much more heavy and dense than some other cupcake places, and I found it to be quite dark! The icing on top was really yummy, but a little “stiff” of icing. As I bit into it, the entire thing came off, instead of making my face full of chocolate mess! I’m not sure which is better… but I guess no mess for the day would be a good idea.

This is a location where I would be back if I was in the area wanting a small treat, but I can’t say I’ll make a special stop for it.


1327 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-1419

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  1. Elsie;

    My name is Brad Churchill. I own Choklat, and want to first thank you for stopping in.

    There are a couple of points I believe my staff missed when telling you about us. First of all, the topping on the cupcake isn’t icing. It’s actually a whipped ganache (basically dark chocolate and cream). It’s going to be firm until it hits your mouth, and then melts.

    Second: the cupcake was different than traditional cupcakes because we don’t use cocoa powder, or vegetable shortening in them. We use pure chocolate. The cocoa butter gives the cake a very different texture than vegetable oil.

    Also, you mentioned our chocolate is smooth, but made no mention of which chocolate bar you ate. Where we REALLY shine is the chocolate eating bars, as each bar is a different variety of beans. It is when eating our chocolate bars side by side with, say a Lindt 70%, that you REALLY see the difference. I don’t want to sound pretentious here, but after tasting any one of our 70% bars, most people actually spit out the Lindt Excellence!

    My suggestion the next time you’re in: don’t order the confections. Try just the eating chocolate, and don’t buy one bar! Buy at least two different ones, so you can compare them side by side, and with your favourite 70%. You’ll be amazed. I’ve had some of the most prolific chocolatiers in the world through the doors of that little shop in the past two years and they’ve been amazed too.

    Cheers and have a great day.
    Brad Churchill.

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