Kane’s Harley Diner – Calgary, Alberta

We got up really early this one morning to play a little prank on a friend. Afterwards, it was still really early and we were getting hungry, so we went to Inglewood, and went into Kane’s Harley Davidson Diner which is right on 9th Ave SE. It’s an old school looking diner from the outside, and there’s some street parking, especially if you go early.

Looking around the restaurant, it was pretty neatly decorated and I love the retro style of the place! Although bikes aren’t “my thing”, this was still an exciting place to go! They had other sorts of antiques around which made it fun for me!

I was quite hungry as mentioned, we got up early. I decided to go for their Biker Bowl which was a giant portion of hash browns topped with 2 eggs, ham, tomato, green onions, cheese and hollandaise sauce. To make the meal even bigger, it even came with toast! At first sight, it didn’t look like much, but as you keep digging into this bowl, you really notice how full you’ve become! It tasted really good and the hash browns were excellent, until the last one!

My husband ordered their Classic Fueler which was another large breakfast that consisted of 6oz of Alberta sirloin steak and 2 eggs, over hash browns. This “steak and egg” breakfast also comes with toast! The steak was well seasoned and cooked well! It was tender and flavourful, so it was perfect in our books.

Overall, the dining experience was quite a unique one! They really thought out the details from naming the dishes, to decorating the diner. The prices, that was awesome for the amount of food you get! We left here with a really full belly and we were really satisfied.

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Kane’s Harley Diner

1209 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 269-7311

Eat! Eat! in Inglewood – Calgary, Alberta

We’ve passed Eat! Eat! in Inglewood many times, and I’m glad we finally got to stop in and try this place in May 2013. It looks like a month later after the Alberta Floods, it never actually reopened it’s doors. It’s actually really sad. The location was great, right on 9th Ave SE and it was spacious inside with amazing food! I’m hoping it’s just a temporary close, but I’m not sure what’s going on.

I ordered their Hot Chocolate for my morning drink, and it was a large cup with tons of whipped cream! Just in case I don’t get a sugar high! 🙂 It was tasty though!

This particular morning, I actually ate breakfast – so this was a second breakfast. It was nice they had the option of “half orders”! I’m sure if I ordered a full order, I would’ve inhaled the entire thing as well! But, I got their half order of Eggs Benedict with the egg done medium. Not sure why I did that, as I love the runny, creamy egg… but, it wasn’t dry or gross!! Everything was decent and they weren’t skimpy on the portion of their potatoes (home fries)!

My hubby ordered their Steak & Eggs for breakfast which was a 7oz New York Steak with 2 eggs! Clearly, he didn’t wake up early enough to eat the first breakfast with me! 🙂 The steak was quite unforgettable, tender and seasoned well! Not a bad start to a weekend morning!

We really enjoyed ourselves here! As you can tell, I love breakfasts and I wasn’t disappointed at all from coming here. I silently hope it will re-open so I can visit it again!

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Eat! Eat! in Inglewood

1325 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 532-1933

The Fine Diner – Inglewood, Calgary

Diners, still something I love seeking out, and this one is pretty special! Located in Inglewood, it’s was a tad challenging for me to find for some VERY ODD reason… but, regardless, I found it and I’m glad I did! It’s called The Fine Diner! I wasn’t expecting too much from here, and they offered pretty good food and service. The place was quite busy when we got here, and it wasn’t late either, so that’s always a good sign!

I started with ordering Apple Juice, which isn’t anything special at all. But, for my breakfast, I tried something I have never tried before, and it’s called Duck Benny which is like your typical eggs benedict but with duck instead of ham or tomato! What a delicious combination! The duck was tender and delicious, juicy and everything! The hash browns were on the cold side, but it tasted so good, I ate all of it up regardless!

My special husband I guess was hungry, but he ordered their Steak & Eggs which in his defense is something he really enjoys, so he does get it often! The picture is upside-down, but you get the idea! A large (6oz) piece of steak with eggs and potatoes (hash brown)! It looks delicious eh!? It certainly was!

This place is quite fine indeed! First visit to here, and probably not my last!! Everything seemed quite perfect and the staff was super friendly! I would say to stop here for breakfast to start your day off to the right beat!

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The Fine Diner

4 1420 9th ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 234-8885