Homemade Hot Dou Fu Hua – 豆腐花

Home Made Hot Chinese Tofu Pudding

I was craving the Dau Fu Fa that you can get when you go for dim sum, in that large bamboo container with smooth, soft texture… and served with a ginger syrup. So, I tried to make it at home and I was really happy with the results!

500mL unsweetened soy milk
1/2 tbsp cornstarch
1/4 tsp gypsum powder
30mL Cold Water

First off, it’s VERY important that you find soy milk at the store with nothing besides water and soy milk. I’ve tried this recipe a few times with soy milk with just 1 more ingredient, and it didn’t set at all! I used Superior Tofu – Fresh Soy Milk. Another option is to make the soy milk yourself at home – which I will eventually do and post.

In a pot, boil the soy milk – but watch it, as soy milk boils over really quickly. You don’t need to over boil it, just as long as big bubbles are forming, it’s definitely hot enough!

In another bowl, combine the gypsum powder with cornstarch, and dissolve it in the cold water.

When you’re all ready to go, set a large clean bowl on the table. This is where your dessert will sit and set. Hold the hot pot of hot soy milk in one hand, and the setting solution in the other. Pour both solutions into this big bowl at the same time so it mixes together while pouring. When finished, put a towel on top and leave it alone for an hour for it to set. It’s best to step out of the kitchen, otherwise, you may be tempted to check up on it, and that can compromise the texture. If you haven’t made the syrup yet, now is a good time to make it by boiling some water with rock sugar and ginger. Taste and adjust to how you like it!

Recently, I made a simple recipe for Dau Fu Fa using gelatin. If you just want this dessert and served cold, it’s a great recipe! Here’s the recipe for Dou Fu Hua