The Grizzly Paw

I love all the food in Canmore, Alberta, and when we stopped by this time, we went to try lunch at The Grizzly Paw which I had known they brewed their own beers and made their own sodas. I’ve tried their soda for the first time from a food truck in Calgary – the Perogy Boyz, and I’ve loved it since then!

It was a busy Saturday afternoon when we went (during a long weekend), and waited about 30 minutes for a table – which I thought was very reasonable, since it was the tail end of the lunch rush! Of course, I sat down to order a bottle of their Cream Soda which is a delicious naturally brewed made with the finest vanilla beans.

I was looking for a lighter lunch option and settled for the Down South Salad Wrap, which was a fresh “salad wrap” made with lots of lettuce, cheese and mango salsa. Inside the wrap had spiced chicken breast with avocado spread on the wrap. When all these ingredients are rolled into a tortilla wrap, it was a delightful lunch!

We also ordered a Mushroom Swiss Burger with Bison Patty with mushrooms, topped with Swiss cheese. This burger became very special after we substituted a “normal” beef patty to a bison patty. You definitely get the gameness of the bison meat which added a lot of extra flavour to the burger.

Overall, this was a fantastic place, and now it really makes sense why the restaurant/brewery is always packed – at any time of day! This is a location I have no problem returning to, as the food is really delicious! I really love that they make their own beverages as that is a special touch of uniqueness they’re able to offer to the community! With plans for them to expand, I’m sure they’ll still be packed!

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The Grizzly Paw – Canmore, Alberta

622 Main Street
Canmore, AB
(403) 678-9983