Sushi Ichiban – Calgary, Alberta

Sushi Ichiban was a neat place to go. It’s tucked away off Macleod Trail, on the East side – but it does offer a small parking lot. The nice thing about this place is the fact it is All You Can Eat which is wonderful for me, as I’m a sushi monster!

I love the fact that the sushi comes out on a boat, if you order large amounts! It looks great, and the sushi tastes great too!

We had 4 people, and each of us had our own favourites. At the end of the day, we ate TONS of sushi, and it was quite good and fresh!

We not only had a ton of sushi, we also enjoyed tempura, and fried yams, as well as BBQ Beef steaks. They were all good, but not as good as the actual sushi. In fact, the BBQ Beef was a little tough, even though it was great flavours!

I really enjoyed the Agedashi Tofu from here, as it was quite smooth, and fried to a wonderful crisp!

A fun thing they offer here is variations of California Rolls, we ordered 2 of the 3 variations, and my brother in law loved them!

As stuffed as we were, there’s always room for Coconut Pudding Dessert, which I must say – it wasn’t as good as other coconut pudding desserts. But, I think it was just because I was super stuffed!

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Overall, I was really pleased with the sushi here. I’d recommend this location if you’re looking to eat just sushi actually. It’s not bad, and the prices are competitive with other sushi places around this area.

Sushi Ichiban

4014 Macleod Trail S
Calgary, AB T2G2R7
(403) 243-1000