Thai Boat

I’ve been going to Thai Boat in the Northeast Calgary for a few years now – and mostly for their lunch menu – or dinner menu, but lunch sized. The portions are perfect for lunch and they are priced really well.

Thai Boat - Outside

This time I went, I enjoyed Coconut Rice with Red Curry Chicken and normally it comes with Jasmine Rice, but I like my Thai food with coconut rice. My meal came with many pieces of chicken and a huge mountain of rice which was really delicious as it soaked up all the curry sauce.

Thai Boat - Rice & Red Curried Chicken

Thai Boat hasn’t changed at all over the years that we’ve come here. We’ll always go back as it’s my best friends favourite restaurant. I enjoy the consistent quality of food and the great prices. I would classify this restaurant as an “Asian Restaurant” as well, so it’s okay to me that service is a little poor. They usually are in a hurry it seems – when you sit down they quickly ask if you know what you want. When you’re eating, they’ll come by to see if you’re done. If you’re done, they’ll just give you the bill – and this is usually done regardless of how busy or quiet the restaurant is. It is their version of “service” and they mean no harm. So, I will be back soon again!

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Thai Boat

108-2323 32 Ave NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 291-9887