Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt – South Trail Crossing

I truly love all sweet foods, and I have a special spot for cold sweet foods/snacks… so, this is something I crave all the time – which is kind of a bad thing! But, I’ve learned to just enjoy in small amounts, but lots of days! This Tutti Frutti location is the South Trail location just off 130th Ave SE and I think it’s a brilliant location with tons of young families, this will be the perfect place for everyone!

This Tutti Frutti location is rather spacious and bright – and it’s really quite nice. You start at the back of the store and begin by taking a cup, then filling it with your favourite frozen youghurt. From there, you can go to the toppings bar and then pay. You’ll find yourself near the door so you can easily take it to go or turn around and find a table to enjoy your newly created treat!

I took my treat to the nearest table I could find so I could dig in. On this visit, I opted for the Death by Chocolate Froyo and the Chai Tea flavours, topped with their mochi’s, cheesecake chunks and bobas!

My other half enjoyed a few flavours of his own too! He was in the fruit mood, so he picked Grape froyo and Mango Pineapple Sorbet, so both his flavours seemed lighter! He topped it similarly with mine with just the mochi and the bobas.

Overall, this is obviously a good place to be! On a cool night with rain in the forecast, the crowds just keep rolling in and out – constantly! You know on a bright sunny day, it will be packed! Since this is so addictive, I’m sure even during the heart of winter, you’ll find me and other froyo fans there!

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Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

4307 130th Ave Unit 23 SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 460-2481

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