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Breakfast is always a nice treat, and I found myself at Wildernest Dream Cafe one Sunday morning. It was great, it wasn’t super busy, but it was comfortable. There was street parking right outside, and on Sundays, it’s complimentary! The location is like a little house and even the inside, it’s partitioned into little seating areas as well, kind of like a little house. It’s really a unique place to be, as you know it was once someone’s home, and now it’s been recreated to a restaurant/cafe.

Once we were seated, the waitress came up to us not long afterwards and asked us if we knew what we wanted to drink. I ordered their Chai Latte, and it came after quite a long wait. However, it was a good one. It was more on the sweeter side instead of a spicy chai. This is alright with me, since I’m fully aware there are a few kinds of chai.

My other half ordered a Hot Spiced Cider which is typically something I don’t order as it’s normally as it’s normally just heated up apple juice with a cinnamon stick – and it’s no different here. It wasn’t bad, but it’s just nothing special.

I ordered the Salmon Eggs Benedict which has always been one of my “go-to” breakfasts if I see it. This one was done a little differently, as they use what they call “potato latkes” instead of the traditional English Muffin for the base of the eggs Benedict. When I think about potato latkes, I think about light and fluffy potato pancakes, but these ones were just a little different. It wasn’t bad at all, but it was quite different. The Pacific Salmon, they were really generous with the portions of that, and topped with their homemade hollandise sauce. Overall, I loved the plate – and I especially loved their hashbrowns!

My husband ordered the Hawaiian Breakfast Wrap only because that was my second choice, and it is weird of me to order 2 breakfasts sometimes. I love anything with pineapples in it, and this was no exception. We shared the 2 orders, and this wrap was delightful! It was hot with scrambled eggs with pineapples, red and green peppers, bacon and cheese all wrapped up into a large wrap! We even ordered a side of their Chicken Sausage which was like a meatloaf cut into strips. The concept was fantastic and the plate just works!

Overall, we had a fabulous time here. I think during a weekday or Saturday, I would utilize the parking lot right beside the cafe as it would be much simpler. The food is really good, and the prices are quite reasonable. The prices for the sides are a tad costly, but the portions are fairly large too! I think I would be back if I’m in the area. We ended up spending the day at Fort Calgary and then the Calgary Zoo, so the location was fantastic! Another great thing about this cafe, they offer Gluten Free options and tons of it too!

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Wildernest Dream Cafe

1309 9 Avenue Southeast
(403) 265-3663

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  1. I used to have that dream to have a cafe with books available for everyone to read. Well, that’s still a dream and I do hope I get to have that money to start. Anyways, the food looks delicious, and did they draw something on your latte? 😉

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