Yogurty’s Froyo – South Calgary

Frozen Yogurt seems seems to be very popular right now, and it’s creeping up everywhere around the city! Recently, Yogurtys Froyo has opened in the southeast end of Calgary – which is the first in the West! This is a chain primarily from Ontario, so it’s an honour to have them here! This location is located just off of High Street close to the Fitness gym, and it’s probably there for a reason!

We walked inside this storefront and was greeted by lots of super friendly staff! You begin by going to the back and picking a size of cup you would like, and filling it with your favourite frozen yogurt! When you got that, you’ll go around the corner to where there is a ton of topping selection. It ranges from candies, to mochies, nuts and syrups! Then, when you’re done, just turn around, get your goodies weighed and enjoy!

My simple creation during this visit consisted of Strawberry, Chocolate and Espresso. I then topped it with some boba with exploding juices in them, fun chips, mochi and some milk chocolate crunch. The frozen yogurt here was smooth and creamy and wasn’t filled with ice crystals. The flavours tasted like what they are suppose to, so it’s a lot of fun here!

We also got a cup for my husband, and his was filled with Green tea and French Vanilla, topped with boba, mochi and chopped peanuts! We love that there are nut toppings to enhance the flavour and texture – but can see potential problems because of the peanuts. I’m glad it’s not a peanut-free location though!

Overall, I know I will be back! I’ve already joined their Loyality program and I have a bad feeling that I will become a VIP before I know it!

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26 McKenzie Towne Gate Southeast
Calgary, AB
(403) 123-4567