GlobalFest 2012 – Brazil

I didn’t think I would be fortunate enough to be able to obtain a last minute ticket at a decent price to attend GlobalFest again, and for Brazil night! It was a wonderful surprise that we did get tickets and was able to go! It was an excellent show that was put on, and the fireworks was spectacular! The music and the firework display was absolutely fantastic! The upbeat music made the environment really fun. This time, we sat on the South side for the first time, and I realized there was a stage on this side! This stage was the OneWorld stage.

The fireworks exploded to lovely tunes, and the line up for this years show was:
Real in Rio – Carlinhos Brown, Sergio Mendes, & Siedah Garrett
Girl of Ipanema – Ella Fitzgerald
Cantigas de Capoeira – Mestre Acordeon e Mestra Ra
Pais Tropical – Daniela Mercury
Aquarela do Brasil – Johnny Mathis
Thunder – From Cirque Du Soleil’s “Totem”
Shared Love – Alexia Ramio
Batucada / Samba – DJ Nero

With a song list like this, it really made me excited for the next Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro for a celebration of really everything and anything!

I’m really happy with the fireworks I’ve seen this year – they’ve all been really impressive and I get so excited when I see it!! This evening, the reflections on the still waters at Elliston Park made the show seem so much more spectacular as the mirror image reflected all the prettiness!

Below is a clip I’ve taken to the fireworks show playing to Pais Tropical by Daniela Mercury and you can see the exciting show Brazil put on for us for 2012!