Vegreville Train Station – Vegreville, Alberta

Vegreville was a place I knew I had to visit when I was in the Edmonton, Alberta area. I found myself in the area for the first annual Babas and Borscht up in Andrew, Alberta. This city has the largest Ukrainian Egg (Pysanka). While driving through the town, there was a posting for a restaurant at the train station – so we knew this is where we wanted our dinner.

We were in luck as it was a Saturday evening, and it was the only day this restaurant is opened, and they were packed! It looks like they have both menu service and a buffet, but they were so busy, we opted to just enjoy the buffet. We weren’t sure how it worked at first, but the locals here are extremely friendly and they kind of explained to “grab the food”! The buffet was great, it offered traditional Ukrainian offerings such as perogies, sausages, and cornmeal!

I picked a pretty bowl for my dinner, as it was pretty! The food was really enjoyable and we went back for seconds and thirds! I did end the dinner with their pistachio cheesecake, which was extremely delicious!

As we were paying, we noticed they had borscht and it was something I wanted through the day – it was my Ukrainian borscht day, and they had some here. We ordered some to-go as we were stuffed and enjoyed it in our hotel room in Edmonton instead! It was ridiculously good – it was the perfect way to end the night!!

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Vegreville Train Station

4922 52 Ave
Vegreville, AB
(780) 632-2288

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