Silver Dragon Restaurant – Calgary, Alberta

I have a few coworkers that really like dim sum at Silver Dragon in Chinatown. I have been here once for dinner many years ago, so I thought it was about time I gave them another shot – but for dim sum instead of dinner. Located on the 2nd floor, this huge restaurant seats a lot of people and it actually fills up!

I love this place as it’s a good traditional place. They give you a stamp card and they stamp the price range of the dish you order, and they actually come around in carts. My modern places give you a menu and you select what you want to eat, and it’s not traditional at all. So, once the first few carts came by, our table was filled. We started with their Fried Pork Dumplings which had a nice texture and skin, but the filling was lacking a bit. It was fried really nicely and tasted good – so I won’t complain!

We then ordered an old time favorite of ours, the BBQ Pork Rice Crepes which was really nice. The soy sauce was good, the rice crepe was awesome and the bbq pork tasted great. Overall, we loved this dish!

Buns are something we like to order, but we try to limit the amount we get as they are pretty filling. We ordered BBQ Pork Bun, but they ended up giving us Chicken Steamed Bun which was alright and something I like, and I even like to make at home. The chicken filling was delicious and I’ve always loved the ginger taste and scent in the buns, so it worked well that we got this little mistake!

Perhaps I’m a little more traditional, but I really enjoy Chicken Feet and I order it everywhere I go – almost! I did from here and I got to say the flavours was a little dull and over cooked. it didn’t stop me from eating the entire dish, but it was just my personal preference for it to have a stronger flavour and it not being so mushy.

It’s also quite traditional of us to order some Steamed Beef Balls and this one they said it was “dry steamed” which looked more like a shao mi, but it did taste different. We loved it as it is a dish that isn’t too common in dim sum restaurants.

Because of the steamed beef balls looking like shao mi, we decided we needed an order of Shao Mi which is a steamed pork dumpling. It was pretty tasty and it does look quite different.

I know, we ordered a lot of food for 2 people, and no we were not done! We can’t go anywhere without some tasty Steamed Spare Ribs and they did an amazing job here. It wasn’t too greasy, the pieces weren’t too fatty and the flavours was exciting!

Then, I have been wanting some Sticky Rice also known as Lo Mai Fan (not in Lotus leaves) as it’s something I don’t really make – if ever! I find I under cook my glutenous rice then I don’t like it. But, they steamed their rice really well here and it tasted pretty good, but perhaps needs a little more soy sauce or salt. We did have some sauces on the table and so I just added a little – then it was perfect! It satisfied my craving!

We were now ready to go. We were completely stuffed… and then one special cart came by with some Pot Stickers or Pan fried dumplings which is something I just love and adore. We ordered a plate… and ate it all up! The skin was really nice and although on the thicker side, it was delicate. Perfectly pan fried and the pork filling was amazing! The perfect way to end our dim sum adventure here.

Overall, it was nice sitting down having a nice traditional dim sum experience in Calgary. The owners were Chinese (Cantonese) and apparently has been around for many years. The food was decent, and the prices was quite good! It was a better than expected dim sum!

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Silver Dragon Restaurant

106 3 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 264-5326

Vic’s Hong Kong Style BBQ & Cafe – Calgary, AB

I really enjoy simple Hong Kong style breakfasts and lunches and Vic’s Hong Kong Style BBQ & Cafe is in the old location of Happy Valley Restaurant, which is on the top floor of this building.

They have newly renovated the place so it looks simple, masculine and clean actually! It’s very comfortable and you still get the Hong Kong style ambiance.

This visit, we went quite late for breakfast and yet too early for lunch… so we just ordered whatever we felt like. I ordered one of my favorites which is with preserved vegetables (zha choy) with pork in rice vermicelli! I have always loved this dish and I ordered it – and loved it!

My husband ordered what he loves most – which was stuff from the BBQ, where he picked roasted duck with roasted pork belly over rice. It’s normally called a 2-item combo from here. The BBQ wasn’t the best but its’ always a delicious treat to have anything from the Chinese BBQ! Overall, he inahaled his dish as I inhaled my bowl. We loved it!

We have actually been back a few times since this place opened. The food is decent and the prices are really good. It’s a Chinese place, so we got the Chinese service! It was a good time!

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Vic’s Hong Kong Style BBQ & Cafe

100D 3 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 237-7321

Soluxe Restaurant 陽光飯店 – Calgary, AB

Chinatown in Calgary has changed a bit, and Soluxe Restaurant is a new change from Harbour City at the corner of Centre Street and 3rd Ave.

We started with some dumplings – at this time when we visited Soluxe, it was right after we got home from China and we just wanted some good dumplings in Calgary, so we gave it a shot and ordered an order of Seafood Meat Dumplings which wasn’t bad. They cooked it in boiling water and had some red vinegar on the side. I think they could have elevated it by pan frying it a little, but that’s my opinion. The filling was very flavourful, and I would say a little on the salty side.

We stopped in here for lunch one day to try out their noodles. It wasn’t bad at all. The portions were quite large and the flavours of the meat and soup was quite good! I ordered an order of their Rice Noodles with Beef and the beef chunks was really tender.

The other bowl of noodles that we ordered was basically the same thing, but it was called Special Noodle with Beef and the noodles were quite special. It was very homemade like, and it varied in thickness leading me to think they rolled it out themselves. It’s a broader noodle but it worked nice with the noodle soup.

Our overall experience was quite decent. We enjoyed our bowls of noodle soup. We actually took left overs home and had it for dinner! The portions were huge, so it helped justifying the price tag a bit as each bowl of noodles was just under $11!

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Soluxe Restaurant

302 Centre Street South
Calgary, AB
(403) 269-8888

Jing Jing Bakery

I love bakeries and I like them from any nationality or location. This one particular afternoon, I really wanted to pick up a bun and take to me on my zoo adventure that I was going on later that day. I went downstairs and it was around 1:30PM and there wasn’t anyone else in the bakery, but it still smells like fresh products was still coming out of the oven. Sure, the place does look creepy, but I think the product I got from here was well worth the creepiness!


We ordered just 2 items as it was meant to be a tiny snack for the zoo break. I ordered an egg tart (which I failed to take a picture of) and a pineapple bun! Sure, the bun doesn’t look good, as my homemade pineapple bun looked better… but both of these items was still warm when I purchased them… so, we actually ate it right away instead of saving it for the zoo. Just as I was eating away at the pineapple bun, the cookie topping was do light, crispy and perfect. I was just about to start thinking the pineapple bun was a little plain as well, but I continued eating it… and inside was a sweet delight… it actually had pineapples in it! This totally made my day, and I’m proud to sa this is one of my favourite pineapple buns now!

Jing Jing Bakery - Pineapple Bun

Overall, I have no problem returning to try more items. It’s a small bakery, but the products are just as good as good as big bakeries! Who needs a pineapple bun with just butter now?! I’m not sure how I will ever go back to a regular pineapple bun!

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Jing Jing Bakery

100 – 3rd Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 265-9588

O’Cup Calgary

There’s this one day, I just went to Chinatown, and noticed a new restaurant/cafe – so I called up a few friends and advised them something called O’Cup was opened. We made the effort to go down. It’s in the former location of Bubble Station (former location of original Dessert House). This little place has really odd hours which doesn’t make me feel like it’s very convenient. We got in at 8pm as a few of us got off work around then, and right away they told us it was last call. Regardless, we asked for a few more minutes as the rest of the party arrives – and they were really accommodating in that aspect! At the end, when we were about to leave, there were a lot of tables that did come in for drinks, so I think it’s okay if you actually make it in before 9PM.

Their menus are really interesting as they put lamination on the menu and you check off what you want with a white pen. We ordered some Milk Tea, and it says it can come “hot”, and we ordered 2 drinks from that section. One of them came hot, and the other was cold. We didn’t specify, as we assumed it would be “cold” unless we asked them for a hot drink. Regardless, it was a very decent. The drinks did come out one at a time, so it was like they only had 1 drink maker. We got the Almond Milk Tea and that came out hot and it tasted quite delicious!

I ordered the Hazelnut Milk Tea and it came out cold. It tasted really good, but there was a ton of ice cubes.

As a little snack, I ordered my favourite Condensed Milk Waffles. I love condensed milk, and I am convinced that if you put it on anything, everything tastes good! The condensed milk was delicious, but the waffles was just a little weird. It was really dry and dense and not my favourite.

We also got another sweet waffle, and we tried the Oreo Cookie Waffle which was good, except for the texture of the waffle – so I think it’s their batter that hasn’t been perfected… otherwise, it’s just a different type which I’m not a fan of! I am sure there are lots out there who would like it. I just like the ones with a crispy exterior and a light and fluffy interior.

We also had some Popcorn Chicken which comes in a little bowl and some mustard mayonnaise as a dip. It was fried to a nice colour with a huge crisp! I really enjoyed their popcorn chicken and I’m sure I’ll get it again!

We all shared another deep fried item called the Taiwanese Fried Chicken which are small pieces of chicken slices, seasoned with a seasoning very much like salt & pepper chicken. Again, it was really crispy and tasty and the chicken wasn’t too dry!

Finally, our last little treat that we ordered was the Curry Fish Balls, and it was interesting as it wasn’t actually all fish balls. They have pieces of lo bak (daikon) in it – and just a few fish balls. So, we were just a little mis-lead, but it tasted good anyway! But again, you really can’t goof up something like this!

Overall, I did enjoy the “deep” fried food and the drinks from here. So, now, we got another little place where we don’t mind going to on a Saturday or Sunday, as the hours work best for us there!

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2-110 2 Ave SE
Calgary, AB T2G
(403) 452-2606

Hours of Operation:
Mon – Thurs 11AM – 9PM
Fri-Sat 11AM – 11PM
sun 11AM – 6PM