Crepes & Cravings – Calgary, Alberta

This one evening, I met up with a good friend, and we decided to grab dinner at Crepes & Cravings located right on 17th Avenue. It’s a cute little place that offers both sweet and savoury crepes, and even gelato!

I never know what I want to eat. It’s best if you order for me… but, this day, I knew I wanted their Philly Cheese Roast Beef crepe, and it was a good one! It was jammed packed with roast beef and provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion and their cheese sauce! It was actually a lot more filling that I would ever imagine!

My husband went for his go-to if he sees it, and so he ordered the Montreal Smoked Meat Crepe and it definitely looked good – filled with Montreal smoked meat with Swiss cheese, spinach, tomato and mustard! We normally would split half and half, but by the time I finished half of my crepe, he was pretty much done! So, I actually never tried it. Clearly, he was in love with it!

My friend ordered the The Sicilian and I must admit, her’s looked THE BEST! I didn’t try it either, but she loved it! Her crepe was filled with Italian meats and provolone cheese, roasted pepeers, tomatoes, onions and olives!

At the end of this visit, we all agreed this is the perfect place for a light dinner, or an awesome lunch! We all thought we would be back! Next time, maybe we’ll split some crepes and make room for dessert crepes or gelato!

Crepes & Cravings - Crepes, Gelato & Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

Crepes & Cravings – Crepes, Gelato & Ice Cream

1013 17 Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 228-6523

Fiasco Gelato – Food Truck in Calgary

I love Gelato, and I love our street food – Food Trucks in Calgary! This is one of the few food trucks I’ve made an effort to visit numerous times! 🙂 I think Fiasco Gelato maybe my favourite food truck right now – if I’m allowed to say that. I love the owners behinds the scenes, and I always remember us asking him “how’s it going?” and they replied “living the dream!”

I love it when people are out doing what they love most – and they definitely love what they’re doing! The first time I tried them was actually when Alley Burger started up, and Fiasco Gelato was so clever they came out into the line with their gelato bike to serve hungry and patient customers gelato! Now, that’s smart! 🙂

Fiasco Gelato

During this outing, we enjoyed their Strawberry Gelato which really hit the spot! It was a hot day and a cold cup of refreshing and cold gelato – in my favourite flavour was served, I suddenly was 100 notches LESS grumpy from standing almost 3 hours in line for a burger!

Fiasco Gelato - Strawberry Gelato

We’ve also visited Fiasco Gelato on another occasion (numerous) where we got to order from their truck – which is just as fun actually!

Fiasco Gelato

One of my favourite flavours over summer that I got to experience would definitely be the Mango Creme Brulee. Fiasco Gelato has been easy to get my hands on as they’re as ambitious to sever Calgarians Gelato as much as I want to eat it! I’ve had them when they were at East Side Village to GlobalFest and all other places in between. I really like following them, and it just cheers me up when I see them serving so happily!

Fiasco Gelato - Mango Creme Brulee Gelato

For the colder months when a lot of their customers aren’t thinking about gelato, they’ve Souped Up their food truck – where they now serve hot home made gluten free soups with a fresh and delicious roll. Their soups are just as wonderful as their gelatos, so be sure to try Fiasco Souped Up Food Truck!

Fiasco Gelato (Icecream Truck) on Urbanspoon

Fiasco Gelato

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Lilac Festival

There’s a lot to do in Calgary, and this year, I got do participate a bit with the fun in the sun – the Lilac Festival which is located on 4th Street from 10am to 6pm, and the Lilac Festival is normally a 1 day event on a Sunday.

This year, probably had a huge turn out as the weather was really nice, just perfect for outdoor festivities. The streets are full of kiosks that sell items, information and even food!! It’s a great place to sample cuisine up and down 4th street, and in and out around that area!

The lilac festival was full of people, and street entertainers that really attracted a large crowd! Perfect day to spend some time outside with the entertainers and watch them perform!

  • Lilac Festival 2011
  • Lilac Festival 2011
  • Lilac Festival 2011
  • Live Music at Lilac Festival
  • Lilac Festival 2011
  • Lilac Festival 2011
  • Lilac Festival 2011
  • Lilac Festival 2011
  • Lilac Festival 2011
  • Lilac Festival 2011

One of the best things about the Lilac Festival was the fact PC Loblaws Summer Tour joined in the fun and excitement, as they served up samples of their great summer BBQ products!! It was quite the line up, and quite worth it!! We went to Superstore the next day and told ourselves we’ll be purchasing a lot of their products for our next barbeque!

First they gave you a drink, a sample of their sparkling fruit juice. I tried the Peach Mango, and we also got to try the Orange Tangerine flavours – both were excellent! When I went to the store, I saw the same thing, but it was a mocktail, and purchased that instead of juice. It sure is better than coolers, as it doesn’t have the alcohol, and it tasted delicious!

Following that, we got a sample of either a burger slider or a mini sausage. Of course, there are 2 of us, so we had one of each! The sausage was really juicy and jammed packed with flavour! The casing wasn’t tough, it was really quite perfect! The slider was juicy as well – for some reason I thought it would be dry as burgers can tend to be dry, and it would be more prone to drying out as it was small. It wasn’t the case, which was excellent!

Then, the last stop was for ice cream! They had the cutest mini cones, which was the perfect amount for samples! I tried to super delicious Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream and we also tried the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, and the texture we really nice, smooth, creamy and it truly tasted like what it’s suppose to taste like! I would be purchasing PC brand ice cream over summer as I finish up what is left in my freezer. I also found at Superstore PC Waffle bowls, which is something I’m really interested in getting along with my ice cream!

  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour - Mini Sausage
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour Slider - Mini burgers
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream
  • Lilac Festival 2011 - PC Summer Tour - Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

As we were walking up and down 4th Street, we stopped at a few kiosks to grab a bit to eat! We had a plate from Rajdoot Restaurant, which gave us a plate of naan, butter chicken, and tandoori chicken. It was excellent! I hope to actually sit down at their restaurant one day and enjoy! What an excellent way for us to sample the food!

Other places that had samples to buy would be Cruffs – House of Cream puffs, Spolumbo’s Fine Foods and Deli, Fiasco Gelato, Koob (The kabob Factory), Foo King Hot Relish, and much much more!

  • Papa Chocolat
  • Sushi Towa
  • Cruffs - the House of Cream Puffs
  • Cruffs - the House of Cream Puffs
  • Rajoot Restaurant
  • Rajdoot Restaurant - Curry Kiosk
  • Rajdoot Restaurant - Naan, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken
  • Foo King Hot Relish
  • Fiasco Gelato
  • Lilac Festival 2011
  • SPOLUMBO'S Fine Foods & Deli
  • SPOLUMBO'S Fine Foods & Deli
  • Koob - The Kabob Factory

Besides the few stops I made, there were tons of eating options, and if you’re into eating, I’m afraid you’re reading the wrong blog, but there were lots of things to see at Lilac Festival, and it definitely can take up an entire afternoon! So, lather up on the sunscreen, and let the fun begin again next year!

Amato Gelato – Calgary, Alberta

Amato Gelato has always been a place I’ve always wanted to go visit for gelato, and I finally got to go! If only Amato Gelato wasn’t so far away, I can see myself there every weekend.

It was so much fun at Amato Gelato, just looking through the display to see the huge assortment of flavours, I did feel like a kid in a candy store – or ice cream store!

I settled for a coconut gelato, and we also had the toasted almond ice cream. The coconut ice cream was alright, I think it would have been a million time better if there were coconut pieces or if it was a toasted coconut flavour. It just seemed be missing something. The texture was really smooth and creamy, and it was really quite perfect!

The toasted almond flavour was really flavourful! We definitely enjoyed that gelato, and would probably get it again. Maybe even the almond avalanche! That looked really delicious.

We had one in a dish, and one in a hand dipped chocolate-dipped waffle cone, and the waffle cone was crisp and fresh. We watched the workers hand dip the cones, and that was an extra special touch!

Amato Gelato

2104 Kensington Rd NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 270-9733

Oolong Tea House McKenzie Towne – Calgary, Alberta

I love tea houses, as they are called. Oolong Tea House in McKenzie Towne offers a huge selection of tea, and they let you enjoy your tea without any problems. This is due to the fact the location is large, so it can accommodate a lot of thirsty guests.

We didn’t actually try tea with tea leaves during our stop at Oolong Tea House. That particular day, i wanted to try their Chai Tea Latte, and just to compare and contrast with my favorite location’s Chai Tea.

I hate to say, but I do prefer my favorite location for the Chai Tea, but I will definitely be trying their teas that uses tea leaves, as that’s what they’re known for. I guess it was silly that I didn’t do that, but I didn’t crave anything else on that day.

Oolong Tea House

26 McKenzie Towne Gate SE
Calgary, AB