Fiasco Gelato – Food Truck in Calgary

I love Gelato, and I love our street food – Food Trucks in Calgary! This is one of the few food trucks I’ve made an effort to visit numerous times! 🙂 I think Fiasco Gelato maybe my favourite food truck right now – if I’m allowed to say that. I love the owners behinds the scenes, and I always remember us asking him “how’s it going?” and they replied “living the dream!”

I love it when people are out doing what they love most – and they definitely love what they’re doing! The first time I tried them was actually when Alley Burger started up, and Fiasco Gelato was so clever they came out into the line with their gelato bike to serve hungry and patient customers gelato! Now, that’s smart! 🙂

Fiasco Gelato

During this outing, we enjoyed their Strawberry Gelato which really hit the spot! It was a hot day and a cold cup of refreshing and cold gelato – in my favourite flavour was served, I suddenly was 100 notches LESS grumpy from standing almost 3 hours in line for a burger!

Fiasco Gelato - Strawberry Gelato

We’ve also visited Fiasco Gelato on another occasion (numerous) where we got to order from their truck – which is just as fun actually!

Fiasco Gelato

One of my favourite flavours over summer that I got to experience would definitely be the Mango Creme Brulee. Fiasco Gelato has been easy to get my hands on as they’re as ambitious to sever Calgarians Gelato as much as I want to eat it! I’ve had them when they were at East Side Village to GlobalFest and all other places in between. I really like following them, and it just cheers me up when I see them serving so happily!

Fiasco Gelato - Mango Creme Brulee Gelato

For the colder months when a lot of their customers aren’t thinking about gelato, they’ve Souped Up their food truck – where they now serve hot home made gluten free soups with a fresh and delicious roll. Their soups are just as wonderful as their gelatos, so be sure to try Fiasco Souped Up Food Truck!

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Fiasco Gelato

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