Choklat – Calgary, Alberta

During a stroll down 9th Ave in Inglewood, we ran across this store called Choklat which I was really excited about. I love nothing more than chocolate! 🙂

We stepped inside the store, and the entire store smelled like chocolate, and that gave me a good sugar rush as is and made me more excited. We bought a few treats to try it out and purchased a chocolate cupcake, a chocolate caramel cookie and some chocolate milk

The chocolate from Choklat is quite different, it is smooth, but not velvety smooth – but regardless, it was chocolate! I quite enjoyed the cookie, but I love cookies!! It’s actually more like eating a candy bar than a cookie, which was really confusing for me!

The chocolate cupcake was really neat! It was made into a square cupcake instead of a round one! 🙂 I like that little twist! The batter was much more heavy and dense than some other cupcake places, and I found it to be quite dark! The icing on top was really yummy, but a little “stiff” of icing. As I bit into it, the entire thing came off, instead of making my face full of chocolate mess! I’m not sure which is better… but I guess no mess for the day would be a good idea.

This is a location where I would be back if I was in the area wanting a small treat, but I can’t say I’ll make a special stop for it.


1327 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-1419