Mount Burgess Dining Room – Emerald Lake, British Columbia

I’ve first heard about this place as a hidden gem from my coworkers. They rave about this lake and resort so we decided to come here for an anniversary. It’s beautiful, absolutely gorgeous. When we got there, our room wasn’t ready so we decided to hang out in the Kicking Horse Lounge and it was a day where there were 2 weddings going on. It was fun to watch the wedding party and guests get ready for a night to remember!

This dining room is just off the lobby. To the left is their lounge (which we did enjoy) and to the right is their dining room. It’s a beautiful property, so the ambiance is fantastic for anything really! I love ordering seafood from my mountain cities so it was no exception here. I ordered their Salmon and the Skuna Bay Salmon skin was thin and crispy. The fish was delicate and perfectly cooked, and was accompanied with beets, parsnip, and a carrot slaw.

We also ordered their Ribeye Steak, it was fun as it said it was Alberta Beef! This tender piece of ribeye had potatoes with it and everything was mouth-watering and met up to our expectations.

We don’t always order dessert, and our rule of thumb is if the dinner was tasty enough, and we left room – then we will consider dessert. This day, we ordered dessert and had their White Chocolate Cheesecake which was small, delicate, light and absolutely amazing!

Overall, the ambience and food was amazing. The food was so tasty and with that is the higher price tag. I do think it’s worth it as it was food that needs to be brought in and made to perfection.

Milk Tiger Lounge

You definitely won’t find me at a bar or lounge often at all. I might step foot in one about once a year, and I did it for this year! I went to try Milk Tiger Lounge which is located on 4th Street Southwest. It was interesting to find as there really wasn’t a sign above the door. There was a “white tiger”, which is their logo above the door – and on the door was the name of the restaurant.

I started off with just a drink – well, the only one as I don’t usually drink. I ordered the Sweettart which is a drink made of Alberta Pure Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lime juice and Grenadine. It’s a beautiful and delicious drink!

We also ordered a Wild Rose Brown beer which is a dark beer. I never tried it, but I guess it’s a beer! 🙂 To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about beer as I don’t drink, not even beers!

Finally, as this is just an after dinner hang out for us.. we ordered the Bacon Skewers which was basically pieces of yam, potatoes and sausages wrapped in crispy bacon, and skewered together! It was an amazing appetizer, or beer snack!

Overall, this was a nice place to lounge around as it’s a bar that isn’t loud or busy! It’s a soft, warm and inviting bar which is great for just hanging out.

Milk Tiger Lounge on Urbanspoon

Milk Tiger Lounge

1410-4th St. SW
Calgary, AB T2R0Y1
(403) 261-5009

Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon

We were in search of something different, and we found something different a Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon! The place was huge, with lots of seating areas! We must’ve went at a quiet time, as there weren’t a lot of customers yet. When we left though, the place was starting to fill up!

I tried the Elk Burger and it was actually a toss up between 2 items that I really wanted to try. I ended up with the elk burger as it’s a little more special. The elk patty was thick, and in the middle of the patty was some smoked gouda. It was really good!

We also ordered the Low n’ Slow Beef Ribs and it was fall off the bone tender! It was really juicy and succulent, and something I would recommend if you’re fine with getting your hands dirty! It is a place for customers over the age of minority (18 years old) as they do serve alcoholic beverages — so, this is not a family restaurant!

Wild Bill’s Legendary Saloon

201 Banff Ave
Banff, AB
(403) 762-0333

Quarry Dining Lounge – Canmore, Alberta

We found ourselves at Quarry’s one evening as everywhere we wanted to try was completely booked up. Quarrys was also booked up, but they gave us a seat at the bar which was really neat! I love watching bartenders mix up drinks!

The food service was really fast despite the mad rush they had! They warned us that our meals would take awhile, but we didn’t think it was bad at all. We started with their bread and it was very fresh! Nothing like fresh bread on any day!

I ordered their Panko Crusted Salmon and I loved the seafood here! The fish was fresh without having the fishy taste. The crispy crust wasn’t hard or dry or greasy! It was a perfectly executed and it was delicious.

My hubby ordered their Steak and to our delight, it was very tender with tons of flavour. The portion was very generous and prepared to perfection of the doneness of the steak. The fries was thin and not soggy.

We enjoyed ourselves a lot here, and so we ordered dessert, their Apple Tart with Vanilla Ice Cream. It was simple and delicious. Everything was perfect at our experience at the Quarry!

What an amazing place to go to for a delicious and simple meal!

Quarry Dining Lounge

718 Main St
Canmore, AB
(403) 678-6088