Milk Tiger Lounge

You definitely won’t find me at a bar or lounge often at all. I might step foot in one about once a year, and I did it for this year! I went to try Milk Tiger Lounge which is located on 4th Street Southwest. It was interesting to find as there really wasn’t a sign above the door. There was a “white tiger”, which is their logo above the door – and on the door was the name of the restaurant.

I started off with just a drink – well, the only one as I don’t usually drink. I ordered the Sweettart which is a drink made of Alberta Pure Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lime juice and Grenadine. It’s a beautiful and delicious drink!

We also ordered a Wild Rose Brown beer which is a dark beer. I never tried it, but I guess it’s a beer! 🙂 To be honest, I don’t know a whole lot about beer as I don’t drink, not even beers!

Finally, as this is just an after dinner hang out for us.. we ordered the Bacon Skewers which was basically pieces of yam, potatoes and sausages wrapped in crispy bacon, and skewered together! It was an amazing appetizer, or beer snack!

Overall, this was a nice place to lounge around as it’s a bar that isn’t loud or busy! It’s a soft, warm and inviting bar which is great for just hanging out.

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Milk Tiger Lounge

1410-4th St. SW
Calgary, AB T2R0Y1
(403) 261-5009