Coaldale Bakery – Coaldale, Alberta

For one how knows me well, I love bakeries and Coaldale Bakery was recommended to us by my husbands co-worker. I knew we had to go as they offer famous Apple Fritters and it’s something I didn’t use to love, until now – except for the fact, I can’t find any as good! This bakery is attached to a market and it’s just minutes outside of Lethbridge! It’s definitely worth the trip if you’re in the area!

We ordered a box of 6 fritters and kind of an assorted, we asked for 2-Apple Bacon Fritters, 2-Apple Raisin Fritters, and 2-Apple Blueberry Fritters. I loved all 3 types and I often think about going back to purchase some more – but the trip is a little far!

We had so much fritters and we didn’t know that the Lethbridge Air Show VIP section fed us so well. We had left overs and I must admit, these were just as delicious the following day! We were lucky as I was worried about it getting hard from the exposed air, or even soggy… who knows what can happen with day-olds. But, they were wonderful!

Needless to say, this bakery was awesome! I will be back and to actually sit down to enjoy the cafe! And, I’ll bring more home as well, since they were still good even when they’re not fresh!

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Coaldale Bakery

1907 – 20th Ave
Coaldale, AB
(403) 345-3322