U & Me Restaurant in Calgary for Dessert

We made it to U & Me for dessert this one evening after eating up and being dissapointed with their dessert. So, we made a quick stop for a re-do, and it was the best re-do I’ve had in quite some time.

We ordered Deep Fried Crispy Milk 脆皮炸鮮奶 which was really delicious. They deep fried these milk balls to perfection and it was seasoned wonderfully. Of course, it comes with the little plate of sugar for you to dip your little fried balls into. The inside was warm and smooth custard texture and it was really enjoyable. If you want to make Deep Fried Crispy Milk at home, here’s a simple recipe!

One of my favourite dim sum is the Steamed Sweet Cream Buns 香滑奶皇飽 and I’m really happy we ordered it. It was steamed really nice here, and it wasn’t over steamed such that the buns were soggy. The cream inside was really smooth and creamy, sweet and delicious.

Finally, the last dessert we enjoyed was Chilled Mango Pudding 香芒滑布甸 which isn’t too extraordinary, but they did do a good job here. It was quite full of mango flavour – even though it didn’t have chunks of mango it, it did have slices of mango on the side – then everything was drizzled with evaporated milk.

We’ve never had dim sum from U & Me and with food quality like this in the evening, I’m really wanting to come here for dim sum on a weekend morning one day soon! What a great place!! This place is opened daily until 4am, and that’s impressive. It must be the one and only place that has such extended hours!

Here’s a review on the Dim Sum from U & Me!

  • U & Me - Chilled Mango Pudding
  • U & Me - Deep Fried Crispy Milk
  • U & Me - Inside a Deep Fried Crispy Milk
  • U & Me - Steamed Sweet Cream Buns
  • U & Me - Inside a Steamed Sweet Cream Buns
  • U & Me - Outside
  • U & Me - Inside

U & Me Restaurant

223 Centre St S
Calgary, AB T2G
(403) 264-5988