The Noodle Bus – Food Truck Calgary

One of Calgary’s newest Street Food would be The Noodle Bus which is a food truck with Vietnamese cuisine on-board! This truck is wonderful, fast and delicious as it offers great quality food at reasonable price — really quickly! It’s actually faster to get food from The Noodle Bus than it is to order and wait at the food court.

We tried a few things just to get a good sample of the food. The first thing we ordered was the Lemongrass Chicken Skewer and it came in a little tray of 3 skewers covered in sauce. The sauce was really good, but it seems like they put a little too much alcohol which was weird as normally they don’t have alcohol in lemongrass chicken… but, regardless, the taste wasn’t bad, just a little off! And, it’s okay to me, as they just opened up less than a week. As for the lemon grass flavour, that we definitely there and I enjoyed my skewers! It got a little messy to eat as the chicken didn’t slide off the skewers, but that’s why I got paper napkins!

We had an appetizer which was the Springrolls and it came in a tray of 3 springrolls. These were gems as we loved it! Even though it was cold out, it stayed hot forever! It was really crispy on the outside and the inside was packed with goodness!! It is one of the best fried springrolls I’ve had in awhile, and I’m so excited to say it was off a food truck! What are others doing!? Oh well.

Finally, we had a Beef Noodle Soup and we didn’t do the Satay flavour. I think the soup was prepared for customers to order it with the satay sauce, so I found the soup to be lacking in some salt. This does make sense, otherwise when you do order it with Satay, it would be way too salty. It was alright anyway, because we poured the rest of the fish sauce from the spring roll in and turn the bowl of noodles to extra-delicious! The saltiness from the fish sauce was really all it was needing! The bowl of noodles was very large in size and probably bigger than some local restaurants that charge more for it!

This was a wonderful truck, and I think it will do well – in any season as it can warm you up with their selection of hot food, or cool you down with refreshing vermicelli bowls. I’m sure I’ll be returning when we cross paths with the food trucks again! I love the food truck community! 🙂