The Crepe Cafe – Calgary, Alberta

We’ve been looking for the mini crispy eggs in Calgary for a long time. These are quite hard to find, and to my delight, they are available here at the Crepe Cafe.

We went to try The Crepe Cafe when it was quite new, and it was very disorganized, and chaotic. They didn’t plan a good system prior to opening. I’ve recently been back – just to pass by, and it looks like they do have some sort of system, but I didn’t try it… I just walked by. Hopefully it’s better with the Saturday afternoon rush.

Anyway, we went here only for the mini crispy eggs, and when we got it, we were really excited. We sat down on those funny chairs – which clearly was meant to “eat and get out”. The crispy mini eggs were kind of soggy, and it just wasn’t the best batter. However, I can’t complain, as I haven’t found any other ones in town. I’d like to compare it with my experiences in cities with a large Chinese population, but that won’t be fair. All I have to say is.. you gotta try at least one! I do think I will go back in the future in hopes of less chaos, and improved recipe.

The Crepe Cafe

932, 999-36 St NE
Calgary, AB T2A
(403) 519-3308